Do you feel that sales is a manipulative job? defines:Sales/Manipulation


I was asked  recently if I thought sales was a manipulative job.   In sales you do skillfully influence people, but not in an unfair manner.

With some salespeople it might be unfair, but those people don’t last long.

A professional doesn’t lie to customers about things that their product or service can or can’t do.  There are plenty of salespeople making a fine living being trustworthy, honest, empathetic, and very considerate of others’ particular situation.  And to have success last, your dealings must be win/win.

Yes you influence skillfully, but only toward the end of a huge benefit to all parties.

With the natural resistance some have to salespeople, (most likely caused by horror stories of the slick, lying salesman) often the professional salesman must persist skillfully in dealings just to get people to understand a benefit without having bias.

Sales isn’t an unethical profession, but there are unethical people in it just like every other profession.